Landlords arraigned for building violations that sparked fire, injured firefighters

Landlords arraigned for building violations that sparked fire, injured firefighters

EVERETT, Mass. — Two landlords are facing charges for allegedly violating building codes in an Everett multi-family home that caught fire last summer, nearly killing two firefighters and a woman who lived there.

When the multi-family home on Morris Street went up in flames on July 13, Scott Dalrymple was among the firefighters who responded. He and another firefighter were almost killed when they were climbing the stairs to reach the second floor, and an explosion ignited their protective gear.

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Prosecutors say the explosion happened because the owners violated several building codes. Those owners, 63-year-old Muddasir Bari and 55-year-old Nargis Bhatti appeared in court Tuesday to face the charges. In court, it was revealed 19 people were living in the three family home when it caught fire.

"I almost got killed, Josh almost died, the lady on the roof who had to be rescued, she almost died. For what? So, they could make a few couple grand a month? It's uncalled for," said Dalrymple.

Bari and Bhatti have been charged with wanton and reckless disregard of fire or building codes.

Dalrymple says he was nervous to see the two face-to-face for the first time in court and while he says he's glad to see they're finally charged, he's still not back at work.

"I'm glad the process is starting," he said. "Maybe something will get done about what happened."

The second firefighter injured is now back at work. Dalrymple has a ways to go but he is doing great.

The charge that the landlords are facing falls under the Comprehensive Fire Safety Act, which was passed as a result of the 2003 Station nightclub fire.