Ladder flies through car windshield on I-95, nearly hits driver

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — A very close call for a woman driving on 95 North in Foxborough Tuesday afternoon. A ladder flew into her windshield, missing her by just a few inches.

The victim's son told Boston 25 News that his mom is still pretty shaken up by what happened. Luckily, she wasn't seriously hurt.

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"She said that she should go buy a lottery ticket today," said Adam Quinlan. "She was spared."

Quinlan says his mom was driving down 95 North in Foxboro Tuesday afternoon when she saw a ladder on the ground. She told her son that a tractor-trailer in front of her hit that ladder, sending it flying into the air.

Seconds later it went right through her front windshield, missing her by just a few inches. Quinlan says his mom was covered in shattered glass, but thankfully she'll be okay.

"She does remember very vividly it shot up, she said it was spinning like the Wizard of Oz tornado and it actually went out of view from the top of her car and then all of a sudden, boom it was in the car," Quinlan said.