Kraft attorneys motion to suppress video again, file to bring in NY attorney

BOSTON — Attorneys for Robert Kraft returned to a Florida courtroom Tuesday to bring up two issues in Palm Beach County.

The first involved a motion to allow Kraft's high-profile New York attorney to represent him in Florida.

Another issue that came up surrounded the video evidence police say they have showing Kraft in a private massage room at the day 
spa in Jupiter. Attorneys for Kraft want a judge to block the video from being made public.

Police say the video shows Kraft in a sex act at the day spa.

Kraft has denied the allegations but he also released a written statement apologizing for causing pain to those around him.

In court Tuesday, attorneys for Kraft said they're not opposed to a speedy trial, which could start in May.

But the judge said they need to get through the issue of releasing the video first. That could come up at the next court hearing scheduled for next week.

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