Kraft attorneys challenge legality of 'sneak and peeks' at day spas

JUPITER, Fla. — The defense for patriots owner robert kraft says a jury should never see the tapes from inside the Orchids of Asia Spa in Jupiter, Florida because they violate Kraft's constitutional rights.

During a hearing friday, Kraft's attorney questioned the validity of the search warrant that allowed cameras inside the spa in January.

When asked if a 'sneak and peak' operation -- meaning installing a secret camera to record suspected criminals -- had ever been conducted in a prostitution case before, a Florida detective admitted he had "never investigated a criminal enterprise such as this."

"I wanted to see the amount of people coming and going, if the amount of people were male or mixed with male," Juper Police Detective Andrew Sharp said in testinmony. "And during my time, which I listed in my affadavit, the majority were male."

Robert Kraft was allegedly among them and police say they stopped his car immediatley after he left. Court documents revealed new details about the traffic stops.

On Saturday, January 19, police say Kraft was the passenger in a vehicle Jupiter police stopped a short distance from the spa. Polie say Kraft was clearly seen on body camera and that he "was very polite and respectful during the whole process.”

Kraft allegedly asked the officer if he was a Dolphins fan, said he was heading to Kansas City the following day for the AFC Championship game and then showed the officer his Super Bowl ring.