Killer identified, but investigators want to know who Allenstown murder victims are

ALLENSTOWN, N.H. — The man who killed a group of people and left their bodies in Allenstown has identified, but investigators still don’t know who the bodies are.

In 1985 a mother and daughter were found in a barrel in Bear Brook State Park, a headstone for the unidentified family stands in a nearby cemetery.

Fifteen years later, the headstone was updated when a second barrel was found in the same area with two more unidentified bodies.

“You don't get barrels with people in them, here in Allenstown. We don’t have major crime like that,” Police Lt. Michael Stark said.

The murderer has been identified as Robert Evans, a possible serial killer who died six years ago in prison.

DNA has identified Evans as the biological father of one of the Allenstown victims, but that’s the closest “This doesn't make sense, it didn't make sense in 1985 or 2000. And now knowing that the suspect is the father of one of the children is even harder to comprehend,” Stark said.

The new developments are big news, but people who live in the area want more, they want to know who these people were.

“I cannot imagine wondering where my family member is. After all those years and then to find out, that's what happened,” Mary Lafrazia said.