Keith Luke describes murders, reportedly laughs at rape victim

Keith Luke describes murders, reportedly laughs at rape victim

BROCKTON, Mass. ( – The lone survivor took the stand Wednesday and testified in the murder trial of the man accused of raping her and killing her sister and another man.

Jurors listened to a videotaped confession from Keith Luke, a self-proclaimed white supremacist, about how he shot and killed two people in January 2009.

Police say Luke broke into a home, had one girl handcuffed, raped her, and then heard her sister knocking on the window. He went to check out the noise and a struggle ensued.

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"As she ran away, I shot her," Luke said in his confession.

"How many times?" authorities asked.

"Three, I think," Luke replied.

"And then you went back to the girl in the bedroom?"

"And I shot her four times," Luke stated.

Luke went on to tell police he fired at the crowd as he left in a van, and later shot a homeless man in the street. He told detectives he was on a suicidal mission to kill non-whites.

"I was planning on killing non-whites manually. I wasn't planning on even using a gun. The only reason I used a gun is because everything got haywire," Luke said.

In the video, Luke apologizes to his mother for shooting at cops, but not for killing the victims.

Luke's mother also took the stand Thursday. She told jurors Luke was a happy kid, but started to change when he was 8-years-old and she rented the movie "Faces of Death" for him. She also said he was isolated from friends, skipped school, made weapons in his room, and was in-and-out of mental hospitals.

"It seemed the light in his eyes went out and it was replaced by anger, misery, and hopelessness, even his facial expressions were just never the same," she testified.

Luke's mother also testified her son slept on cinderblocks fashioned into a cross.

Luke is facing life in prison. His attorney is trying to use the insanity defense.

According to the Boston Herald, while the victim was on the stand in Brockton Superior Court, Luke laughed out loud at points during her testimony.