Jury visits South Boston condo where 2 doctors were murdered

BOSTON — On day four of Bampumim Teixeira's murder trial, the jury went to the 11th-floor of the Macallen Building where police say two local doctors were found dead.

The full jury went by bus Tuesday to 141 Dorchester Avenue in South Boston where prosecutors say Dr. Lina Bolanos and Dr. Richard Field were murdered. When they returned to court, they heard the first testimony about where Bolanos and Field were found.

"I saw a man on the ground face down with hands behind back..." said Boston Police officer Christopher Carr.

Prosecutors say both doctors had been cut with a large knife and their bodies were found near a large amount of blood and covered with some sort of white substance. The SWAT member also described something on the condo floors.

"It was extremely slippery. It was like walking on ice," said Carr.

He also told the jury what he saw written on a wall in the condo, "There were words he killed my wife, as well as an X drawn over a picture."

Another officer testified earlier that while arresting Teixeira after they shot him, he told them the victims killed his wife. There has been no additional evidence about what Teixeira was talking about but one officer also testified he was making other comments.

"Do you remember him yelling, kill me, kill me?" the defense attorney asked. The detective replied, "I do, I do remember that."

The jury will work a half-day on Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday. The prosecution believes it will rest its case by the middle of next week.