Jury hears the rest of suspect's testimony in day 9 of Southie murders trial

Jury hears the rest of suspect's testimony in day 9 of Southie murders trial

BOSTON — The jury in the trial for a man accused of killing an engaged couple in their South Boston apartment heard the end of the suspect's testimony on Friday.

In the final day of testimonies, the jury heard more of what Bampumim Teixeira says happened on the night Dr. Richard Field and his fiancee Dr. Lina Bolanos, were found murdered inside their condo.

>> Man accused in Southie double murder claims he had an affair with victim

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On Thursday, Teixeira's interview with police following the murders was played inside the courtroom. In his testimony, Teixeira told police he and Bolanos had a long-standing affair - one which, ultimately, was the cause of her death, according to the suspect.

Teixeira said Bolanos had told him to sneak into the apartment while Field was away, but once Teixeira was inside with Bolanos, Field arrived home earlier than expected.

According to Teixeira, in a bout of rage, Field stabbed his fiancee and then tried to kill him, which prompted Teixeira to act in self-defense and stab Field in the neck.

"When he stabbed her, he stabbed her again, and again," said Teixeira. "She was fighting."

Detectives asked Teixeira why no one else knew about his alleged affair with Bolanos, to which he replied saying he has no friends.

He told investigators that, to gain access into the building on the day of the murders, he followed a car inside the garage and went upstairs to the 7th floor, where Bolanos told him to sneak in.

Surveillance video presented in court shows Teixeira showing up at the Broadway MBTA stop across the street from the building. Other cameras back up Teixeira's story of how he got into the building.

"This is the first time I've seen her in like 10 months," said Teixeira.

During the cross-examination of the lead detective, Teixeira's defense attorney confirmed to the jury that Teixeira never denied going into the building.

Teixeira wasn't able to produce phone records, text messages or emails that detailed their affair, telling detectives Bolanos was a smart lady.

When asked where was the gun that Field had, Teixeira told police he didn't remember everything, but says it was left in a bag.

He told investigators he doesn't have a guilty conscience because he didn't do anything wrong, saying that a jealous man is the worst thing ever.

The defense pointed out that a cleaning crew found clothing items that had duct tape still adhered to the wrist area, a piece of evidence that was used in the case.

Both the prosecution and the defense rested on Friday afternoon.

Teixeira told the judge he made the decision not to testify.

Closing arguments are expected to be delivered on Monday morning at 9 a.m.

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