Jones: ‘Boo the Orioles please…just keep the racist stuff out of it'

BOSTON — Boo Adam Jones tonight Sox fans. That’s what he wants. Just keep the racist stuff out of it.

After someone at Fenway Park allegedly directed the ‘n-word’ at the Orioles’ center fielder Monday night, Jones addressed the media Tuesday to express his opinion on the matter.

“I heard the n-word last night and it was not clever, it was really stupid and ignorant,” said Jones.

“We understand that we’re the road team and the fans -- they don’t need to welcome us, it’s all part of a competitive edge,” Jones said. “Which is completely understandable and how sports work and how fan bases work.”

But what he said he heard is unacceptable and unfortunate. He said he has nieces and nephews who attend games and he laments the fact they might be exposed to this kind of speech.

“With things going on in the real world, things like this people are outraged and speaking up at an alarming rate. It’s unfortunate that I had to be involved with it,” said Jones. “You hear it. It’s just unfortunate that someone would try to bring you down like that.”

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He was asked if he had a response to the person who might have said it.

“Square up. Let’s fight and get it over with,” Jones said.

He praised Boston’s fans and sports franchises, noting their success and dedication, and said it would be stupid to say all Boston fans are racist.

In fact, he commended the response from the Red Sox, the MLB and the city of Boston for immediately condemning the remarks.

Jones also said a few players have tweeted at him or texted him to offer support.

“It’s bigger than the game. This is a game. There’s bigger issues in the world,” he said. “Go ask the African-Americans who played baseball in the last 50 years.”

Jones said he just wants fans to ‘be normal.’

“Berate us, cuss us out, tell us we suck,” he said. “I don’t want any special treatment…just keep the racist stuff out of it.”

Jones said Fenway is one of the greatest venues in sports and stripping a person of the tickets they might have would be a true punishment.

He couldn’t pin down when exactly it happened or if he heard more than one.

“My focus was on the game,” he said.

Tuesday night when Jones stepped of to the plate for his first at bate of the game against the Red Sox, baseball fans at Fenway took to their feet and gave him a standing ovation.

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Posted by Boston 25 News on Tuesday, May 2, 2017