East Boston Dunkin' shut down after video of mice inside Maverick Square location

BOSTON — The Boston Inspectional Services Department shut down an East Boston Dunkin' after a video surfaced showing mice running around the inside.

Boston 25 News spoke with Peter Wild, a now-former Dunkin' customer, who says what he saw Monday night at the Maverick Square location was no laughing matter.

"The woman was closing up and no sooner than she shut the light off, take the key out of the door, she hadn't walked 20-feet and it was like clockwork. Mice just start scurrying out from underneath the counters," Wild told Boston 25 News reporter Crystal Haynes.

He says he couldn't believe his eyes. Nearly a dozen mice scurrying around inside the store.

"I saw one out of the corner of my eye and I just thought it was a shadow or something, reflection through the glass. Then I saw two or three of them. And then it was four or five and then eight," Wild said.

He contacted Boston 25 News and we called Inspectional Services. While we were there, the restaurant was shut down and an inspector was looking over the place.

"I'm glad I did a service for the community," said Wild.

Inspectional Services is continuing to investigate, but reports obtained by Boston 25 News show they've been shut down before on health violations.

"I get my coffee there every day. Not anymore. I won't eat in there anymore," said Wild.

Dunkin' told Boston 25 News, "The health and safety of customers is our top priority. We take this matter very seriously, and upon learning of the issue, the restaurant was immediately closed. The franchisee who independently owns and operates the Dunkin' location at 13 Maverick Square is taking immediate steps to ensure the restaurant meets our stringent food safety and quality standards. The store will remain temporarily closed until the issue is corrected."

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