Is FBI raid of North Dartmouth home tied to Penn. police chief's murder?

DARTMOUTH, Mass. — The key to solving the longest-running cold case involving a police officer in the country could be right here in our backyard.

The accused killer, Donald Webb, has been wanted for 37 years, and Boston 25 News has exclusive information obtained by our sister station WPXI in Pittsburgh about what residents call on-going FBI raids in North Dartmouth.

Webb is described by the FBI a dangerous career criminal, according to attorney Tom King, and there are accusations that his wife could be still be hiding something nearly four decades after the vicious murder of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania Police Chief Greg Adams.

Adams was shot twice after being pistol-whipped with his own service weapon during a traffic stop.

“His family has been steadfast for all these years, looking for killer of husband and father,” King Said.

King said he believes Webb’s wife could still be covering for her husband at the North Dartmouth home after all these years.

FBI detectives reportedly found a hidden room in the home and a cane that could belong to Webb, King said.

“The new information that the FBI has, the secret room, hoping that’s what we can accomplish,” he said.

Adams’ wife has recently filed a civil suit against Webb’s wife and his son to get them to talk, according to King.

The FBI declined to comment, but a spokeswoman did want to remind the public about a $100,000 reward for anyone with information about where Webb is.

Meanwhile, residents of the North Dartmouth neighborhood are left with more questions than answers.

“I’ve heard these rumors back and forth but it has nothing to do with me and it could be nothing it could be something who knows,” Robert Gardner said. “I guess eventually we’ll find out.”