Investigation underway following break-in at Wrentham Burberry store

Investigation underway following break-in at Wrentham Burberry store

WRENTHAM, Mass. — Wrentham Police found the doors to the Burberry store at the Wrentham Outlets smashed around 5:30 a.m. Monday.

Chief Bill McGrath says a significant amount of items were stolen.

“The first officer was there within about three minutes,” Chief McGrath said. “Burberry merchandise is typically pricey anyway and for the amount taken, by the time the tally’s over, I think it’ll be very significant.”

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He said surveillance shows three people broke into the high-end store and took off in a crossover SUV.

“We generally can tell you that they’re not local, they’re almost exclusively from out of state,” Chief McGrath said.

Chief McGrath said they’re looking into whether this is part of a larger scale organized crime. He’s part of the Organized Retail Crime task force, where they track similar patterns in other states.

“Right now, we’re working with some out of state law enforcement agencies who have had similar incidents at Burberry’s at their locations trying to determine if they’re connected or not,” Chief McGrath said.

Chief McGrath said another Burberry store was broken into in Virginia in the same way, so they’re trying to see if these crimes are connected to groups that travel up and down the coast and even across the country to hit expensive stores like this multiple times.

“The organized retail crime is not only a national problem, but also an international problem,” said Chief McGrath. “A lot of these goods are being moved overseas very quickly, some are being sold in the black market locally.”