• Investigation underway after bullet blasts through New Hampshire woman's car window


    EPPING, N.H. - A New Hampshire mother of two says a bullet came flying through the windshield her car while her young children were in the backseat.

    Investigators in Epping, New Hampshire are trying to figure out where the bullet came from that hit the woman’s windshield around 2 p.m. on April 11. New Hampshire State Police sent the bullet to a lab and are working to find out who pulled the trigger.

    “It was broad daylight, I just picked up my daughter from preschool,” said Kristen Burke.

    With her 3-year-old daughter and 11-month-old safely strapped in their car seats, Burke never saw the danger until it came flying through her windshield.

    “It was a loud pop. I saw it come in and it was such strange trajectory,” said Burke. “I thought, where the heck did this rock come from.”

    No one has been able to tell her where it came from, but workers at a windshield repair shop did tell her something jaw-dropping; that “object” lodged in her dashboard was no rock, but rather a .45 caliber bullet.

    “It’s terrifying, I felt sick to my stomach. It came from the right and my daughter is on the right-hand side, so if I was going a little faster, it would have gone through her window. You think of all those awful things,” said Burke.

    The bullet unleashed between exits 8 and 7 on Route 101. There were no reports of shots fired in the area when this happened. There is a town approved shooting range nearby, but police won’t comment if that’s where the bullet could have come from.

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