Invasive insect found in Boston house plant alarms biologists

BOSTON — Check your houseplants.

There's a new warning about an invasive fly that's been found in Boston.

It's called the spotted lantern fly, and just like the Asian longhorn beetle, the insect has made it way here from china and could become a major problem if it gets outside.

A dead lantern fly was discovered on a poinsettia houseplant in Boston.

State bioligists are hoping its an isolated incident since the plant was purchased at a store.

“Spotted lanternfly is a huge threat, especially to our specialty crops,” Heather Leach, A Spotted Lantern Fly Extension Associate with Penn State, told Boston 25 News last year. She says the insect attacks fruit trees and grape vines, reducing sap and promoting the growth of mold.

They say the lantern fly lays its eggs on hard surfaces and can become a major threat to trees and crops.

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