Inquisitive Facebook post leads to free European vacation for local man

PLYMOUTH, Mass. -- A geography lesson fail led to a free trip to Europe for a man from Plymouth and his girlfriend.

Joe Hill posted in a Facebook group about the country of Jersey saying he hoping to learn more about it, what he got was an amazing response and the trip of a lifetime.

“I’ve never heard of jersey and don't have the foggiest idea of where it is,” he said in the post.

The small country is located just off the coast of France in the English Channel.

“I asked, and they just responded really well. They offered me to come they offered a hotel stay they said, ‘we’ll feed you’ then they started a GoFundMe page,” he said.

A Jersey man named Alex Dolan who was stunned by all the positive responses to Hill’s post began fundraising online.

Within a few days, he had the money to welcome Hill and his girlfriend Amanda Rose. The couple took an eight-day trip to Jersey earlier this month.

“That’s when it started getting scary when we got on the plane,” Hill said.

News of their adventure spread quickly, not only on Facebook, but throughout the island nation that was welcoming them.

“It was nice to know what it was like for a week to be a celebrity,” Rose said.

The couple ate, hiked, and partied with locals who couldn’t have been happier to see them.

“I honestly had no idea to begin with that he was actually going to make it over. In many ways, I’m glad he did because my girlfriend Sophie and I got along so well with Joe and Amanda actually I think we’ve made friends for life,” Dolan said.

Hill and Rose said it was an unforgettable experience.

“This doesn’t happen to anyone in a lifetime it was like willing the lottery,” he said.

Hill said in addition to telling everyone how great the country of Jersey was, he is planning a trip with his girlfriend to return on their own dime. Hill is also working to pass the good deed along and organize a trip for Dolan to visit the United States.