• In Worcester, dozens protest for Puerto Rico's governor to step down

    By: John Monahan


    WORCESTER, Mass. - Massive protests on the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico as thousands close down a highway demanding the island's governor, Ricardo Rossello, step down.

    Thousands of miles to the north, on the steps of Worcester City Hall, more than a hundred add their voices to that call.

    "Our brothers and sister on the island have our support here in Worcester Massachusetts and they have it all over the world," said protester Em Quiles.

    At the heart of these demonstrations are leaked messages between governor and his inner circle, many of them profanity laced, homophobic and misogynistic.

    “Our country is passing the worst era in our lives and it’s important that every PR around the world feel united. And that is why we demonstrate right now here," said Brian Negron of Worcester. 

    Brian Negron and his husband, Eduardo Citron, came here from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria destroyed the island. They say the governor must leave.

    “We keep our island in our heart and that’s why it’s important that we are here to support our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico," said Citron.

    But Rossello refuses to step down. He apologized and says he won't run for re-election next year but plans to continue serving as governor. 

    "I need to work beyond politics so that we can address some of the long standing problems of corruption here in Puerto Rico and fix that problem," said Rossello. 

    Protestors, however, say his time is up. 

    In Worcester, those same calls for him to resign add to a growing a chorus.

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