In heart of Patriots country, Cambridge police commissioner bleeds green

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — As we get closer to the Super Bowl, there's some serious trash talking in Cambridge because the city's top cop is showing his true color - midnight green.

Walk the halls of the Cambridge Police Department and you'll hear plenty of good things about the new police commissioner Branville Bard... until you walk into his office.

"I'm a lifelong Philadelphian," said Bard.

Born and raised in Philly. In August of last year, Bard took the job as police commissioner in Cambridge and his true colors run deep.

"E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!" chanted Bard.

Beyond the chant and the jerseys he put up around the office, he also just got his Super Bowl tickets in the mail.

Sure - it all makes coming to work a little tough this week.

"Here, I just happened to move in the dead heart of Patriots county... so it's to be expected that I have to deal with their rowdiest and their die hards," said Bard.

But he's earning his stripes from his officers, with a good ribbing from Patriots Nation - who can pack up the talk.

"I'm a patrol officer. So I'm kind of at the bottom rung and to be able to jab back and forth with the commissioner, yeah it's fun," said Officer Michael Daniliuk.

Fun now, but gets serious on Sunday.

And Commissioner Bard hopes he's the one with the last word.

"I've been through the bad, the quasi good and I hope to experience their first-ever Super Bowl victory," said Bard.