IBEW electrician describes efforts to save collapsed T passenger

BOSTON — An MTBA passenger has three electricians to thank for his life after he collapsed in the Government Center T stop.

A woman first spotted the passenger and called for help and that's when Kevin O’Brien said his CPR and first aid training kicked in.

"I could hear my boss screaming for us. So we go out the door and here's this man lying on the platform,” said O’Brien, an IBEW electrician.

O’Brien said he jumped into action, with the man blue and unresponsive.

A Cambridge Hospital physician's assistant first noticed a man had collapsed and was doing CPR when she asked O’Brien to take over.

"We always carry a knife. Cut the dress shirt off the guy. Cut the undershirt off the guy cause that's what you do,” he said.

IBEW electricians Richard Ryan and Ed Reynolds helped keep his airway clear; cameras at the T station captured the whole thing.

When they could only get a weak pulse, O’Brien’s supervisor went for an AED, bringing the man back to consciousness.

“The guy started to come around. We're waiting for EMS to show up. Seem like it took forever and I think it was  only about seven or eight minutes,” he said.

O’Brien said he just got re-certified in CPR a few weeks ago and never thought that training would be put to use so soon.

"Yesterday was probably one of the top 10 days of my life…to be able to save a guy that is alive today. Bring him back from death, that just tough to beat, you know?" he said.

At last check the man was still in critical condition.