'I just wanted to be part of a team': Tom Brady and his Super Bowl family

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — This Super Bowl will be a family affair in many ways for Tom Brady.

“So many of the guys I’ve shared that locker room are really my family in a way, I spend more time with them than with anybody else,” Brady told media gathered in Minnesota for the Super Bowl Tuesday afternoon.

“We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us this week,” he emphasized. “Coach talks about us writing the best story we can and hopefully that comes with a win at the end of this week.”

It’s a story Brady has been writing for almost two decades since he was drafted by the Patriots, which he was asked about.

“What I believe I said is” ‘you’ll never regret picking me.’ … I just wanted to be a part of a team,” he explained when asked about his first words to the Kraft family.

And the Kraft family has welcomed Brady almost as a part of their own.

“I love Jonathan, we’ve had so much fun together over the years, I think in so many ways we’ve grown together over the years. Jonathan has been right there offering words of encouragement,” he said. “I know what the team means to him. It’s a great pleasure playing for the whole family, it’s a great organization.”

But it’s not just his Patriot family that will be by his side this weekend.

Browerville, Minnesota - population 790 – is home to his aunt and uncle. It was a place he would spend summers with family and he shared a personal story about his time with them to the media.

“I’ve had a lot of great memories. My uncles gave me chewing tobacco for the first time when I was young … we went fishing. They said if, ‘we give it to you, you can’t spit it out until you get home.’ … Within five minutes, I’m outside of the car throwing up all over the place. I don’t think I’ve had chewing tobacco since,” he laughed. “Some of my greatest memories were being out on the lake with my grandpa and my uncles.”

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Not only will he have his extended family cheering him on, but his wife and kids are with him in Minnesota. He said his kids passed on messages from their friends that he needed to win the Super Bowl.

“[Giselle’s] been very supportive,” he said of his wife. “She’s been my life partner, I love her to death. I’m a very lucky man.”

As for former family members, he says he still stays in touch with LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long -- former Patriots who have ended up on the opposing team this season.

“Those are two great players. I had more time with LeGarrette, but I really enjoyed my time with Chris. … I hope he doesn’t hit me too hard if he gets the chance. I hope he respects his elders out there.”

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