Hurricane Dorian: Cape Cod Coast Guard crew heads south to offer aid

BOSTON — Local crews are already getting in position to help with aftermath of Hurricane Dorian as it churns just off the Florida coast.

The U.S. Coast Guard Northeast sent a team of rescue swimmers and pilots to the region to help save anyone who might be trapped.

The crews got the word Sunday and arrived Monday, and they've already been helping as calls come in with just a moment's notice.

Air Station Cape Cod sent a helicopter with two pilots and two rescue swimmers down south.

"We're all in the status of: ready to support the mission in any way possible," rescue swimmer Brian Notheis said in a video chat from Florida. "That could be in the Bahamas, Florida or wherever the storm goes."

As we were setting up to interview him in Florida, he had to go quickly because of a possible mission.

Notheis has been deployed twice before in hurricanes and it's not unusual for Cape Cod crews to be involved.

Video from last year shows New England crews helping people stranded from Hurricane Harvey. The rescues are usually dramatic to watch.

"I guess it depends on how bad the damage is and the path that dorian takes," Notheis said. "From the clips I've seen, these people need help."

It's not clear when they'll come back to Cape Cod, but Notheis said he's glad to be able to help.