• How 9/11 changed things at Logan Airport

    By: Bob Ward


    BOSTON - It's been 15 years since people without tickets have gone through airport security. 

    The Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City forever changed security in the United States, especially at airports. 

    There are many obvious things that have changed, like limited liquids, tighter security at TSA and only ticked passengers are allowed through security. 

    Every passenger can see it, and every passenger confronts it.

    “It's still the land of the brave, but it's no longer the land of the free,” said Bob Cullity, a Boston resident.

    Security expert Todd McGhee told FOX25 that more needs to be done beyond the checkpoints we see every day.

    He believes everyday airport workers, at the curb and in the terminals can make a big difference.

    “Technology is never going to beat human intuitiveness. If we rely on employees’ experience, the knowledge of their working in that environment, and then get them to understand what law enforcement deems a threat, then we are enhancing our security,” he said.

    It’s been 15 years, but security measures are still changing all the time.

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