• Hooters offering alleged Steelers' hotel fire alarm puller free wings

    By: Kacie Yearout


    SAUGUS, Mass. - If you are the Dennis Harrison or just happen to have the same name, there are free wings coming your way. 

    The Hooters of Saugus posted to its Facebook page a photo of the sign outside the restaurant saying, "Free wings if your name is Dennis Harrison" along with the caption "#FolkHero #FalseAlarm #SleepTightBigBen".

    Dennis Harrison is the man accused of pulling the fire alarm at the Steelers' hotel before the AFC Championship Game. 

    Harrison, 25, of East Boston, was arrested by Massachusetts State Police in connection to the false alarm. Police told FOX25 he was found walking on the hotel property and had activated the pull alarm. He was not staying at the hotel. 

    Harrison is facing minor charges for the offense and has pleaded not guilty. He is free on bail, so he would be able to go to Saugus for the free wings. 

    Support of the Facebook post is mixed, with some saying such behavior should not be rewarded. The Patriots did beat the Steelers and are in the super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 5 on FOX25. 

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