Holiday traffic a nightmare before Christmas at Logan

Holiday traffic a nightmare before Christmas at Logan

BOSTON — Despite cold temperatures, poor frosty would have melted waiting in Boston traffic to get to Logan Friday evening.

“A lot of traffic and a lot of aggressive taxi cab drivers,” Mike Mintz told Boston 25 News.

Mintz drove in from Milford using GPS.

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"Oh baby. I came in from Milford where I was working," he said. "It routed me all through Dover, Sherborne. I’m like, 'hopefully it knows where it’s going.' Waze of course."

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- unless you’re travelling.

At one point, Logan was the only major airport in the country experiencing delays. But for inbound flights, it was smooth sailing.

And travelers like Hannah Knoetter, who was away from home for the first time, is just back from Philadelphia for the holidays.

"It was a little rushed at Philly airport, but overall pretty good," Knoetter said.

She’s glad to be home.

"Very excited. I’m going to go skiing tomorrow," she said.

As for Mike, he won’t be getting coal in his stocking. He was at Logan to pick up his wife and he didn’t keep her waiting -- despite terrible traffic.