• Holiday Scrooge steals Christmas light display from Fitchburg home


    FITCHBURG, Mass. -- A family that decked out their house for the holidays got a visit from a Christmas Scrooge this week in Fitchburg.

    Their home surveillance system caught a thief stealing the Christmas light projector plugged in on their front lawn.

    “I was really in shock. That’s the last thing I was expecting,” Selene Soto said.

    The projector was kept outside Soto’s home on a timer. At first when the lights never turned on Saturday she assumed it was unplugged.

    “I think it’s horrible that someone would do that to us,” Yaritza Soto, Selene’s daughter, said.

    But the family’s surveillance camera caught the thief in the act - hopping up on the lawn, disconnecting the projector, unwrapping the cord from the tree and taking off. 

    “We got them for Christmas by our dad, and my dad works hard to get us our stuff, and that makes me really sad that someone took that from us,” Yaritza said.

    The Sotos believe the thief is a woman who often walks her dog past the house and knew exactly what the projector was.

    “Mrs. Grinch came to my neighborhood and take my lights,” Selene said.

    A selfish act during the season of giving, but one the Sotos can forgive.

    “I’m kind of upset, but at the same time I think probably she needs it more than I.”

    Fitchburg police are looking into the theft and the Sotos are keeping an eye out for the person who put a damper on their holiday cheer.


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