High winds disrupt power, remote learning on South Shore

Quincy students learning remotely affected by power outages

QUINCY, Mass. — Winds took out power and remote classrooms. Some of the highest outages were in Quincy.

“Quincy Public Schools sent us a message and email and voice messages,” one mother told Boston 25 News.

The wild wind started knocking power out in Quincy around 8:00 a.m. Wednesday. One mother told Boston 25 News that two of her three children could not go to their remote classes because of the power outages. A second mother in Quincy said her daughter was connected to her third grade class first thing this morning, but then she was cut off.

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“There was electricity in the morning for a little while and then the power was gone. There was emails, there was phone calls, they were good,” that mother said. “They were telling us because of the weather the internet may be off.”

Another parent told Boston 25 News that their child went to a friend’s house where there was power, so they could do the remote class.

Brockton Public Schools, which is all remote, also had widespread outages.

“Intermittent power outages impacted students across Brockton and their ability to log on to the district’s remote-learning programs,” a spokesperson for the district said. “BPS families were immediately notified via a phone call and text message and all absences due to the outage were excused.”

Crews were able to restore most of Brockton’s power by 9:15 in the morning and students were able to reconnect to their classes. Quincy still had about 6,000 outages by mid-afternoon. Parents hope this is only a one-day disruption.

“Everything will be back to normal tomorrow, I guess,” one of the mothers said.

Quincy’s superintendent said they are working with the students who missed their classes to make up that work so they don’t fall behind in any way.

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