Here's why your allergies have been acting up so late in the year

BOSTON - After an unusual spring, allergy sufferers across New England thought for a while they wouldn't have to deal with the sniffles this year.

Think again! Allergy season was bound to hit us at some point.

A wet April and a warmer May made way for allergy season to pop up right now.

Pollen counts have been very high over the past week, so much you can see it everywhere - it's all over your car, on sidewalks and roads.

Boston 25 News Meteorologist Vicki Graf explains the main culprits are trees and mold right now. In fact, allergists are saying pollen counts this year were exponentially worse than in previous years.

Heavy rain combined with cooler temperatures in April put a pause on allergy season. Then, in May, we had more sunshine and warmth, which allowed weeds, grasses and tree pollen to blossom.

So, if you find yourself sneezing or maybe even feeling like you've got a scratchy throat, it could be thanks to the late allergy season!