• Herald spikes Brady article after questions over source


    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - The Boston Herald says it's investigating reports that a story about Tom Brady's alleged salary demands is inaccurate and that a Boston Herald reporter was duped via text message by someone claiming to be Brady's agent.

    According to a report from the Boston Herald released in Friday morning's paper, Tom Brady said he wants to get paid as much as Jimmy Garraopolo, or he's willing to sit out during offseason activities.

    The article comes after Jimmy Garoppolo signed a $137.5 million contract with the 49ers Thursday, reportedly the largest deal by average-per-year salary in NFL history.

    The Herald article about Brady's alleged salary requests was written by sports columnist Ron Borges.

    Friday morning on WEEI, the 'Kirk and Callahan Show' says they received a text message exchange between Borges and a person claiming to be Tom Brady's agent.

    WEEI is reporting those texts were fake.

    That Herald article is no longer available online.

    The Herald released a statement Friday afternoon:

    "A column by Ron Borges in today’s Herald regarding Patriot Tom Brady’s salary discussions was based on information which proved to be false.

    The Herald apologizes to Brady, his agent Don Yee and the Patriots, and to our readers for this erroneous report.

    Borges’ column has been suspended pending further review."

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