Heavy traffic, long lines at area stores ahead of Christmas

Heavy traffic, long lines at area stores ahead of Christmas

WESTWOOD — From the clothing stores to pet stores, electronics and even jewelry stores, a property manager in Westwood says there has been a strong and steady flow of traffic this entire holiday season.

But things really picked up Saturday and Sunday and continued into Monday night. Here is some more information in a holiday theme:

Twas two days before Christmas

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And the shopping centers were packed

“My plan is to go and get a few things I need and get out I am all done with my shopping,” said Paula Tolley of Norwood.

She did most of her shopping online but there were a few things she lacked

“It’s just a few odds and I have to get. So I brought my granddaughter and I told her, ‘I’ll ask her nothing because Santa is coming, right?” Tolley said.

Some shoppers could’ve used an extra hand from the man in the North Pole

Because you could tell, all the shopping was beginning to take it’s toll

“So you have two days to get it done, do you think you’ll get it done? I don’t know might be cutting it close some gifts may come up for the holidays. That’s the only problem,” said Chris Nespola of Foxborough.

So fill your carts and fill your hands with the toys and TVs

And hopefully those receiving the gifts will be well pleased

“My mom‘s dog likes to pee on the rug so we got her a rug cleaner,” said Linda Brailsford of Bridgewater.

Long lines in the parking lot, and inside the store

And if you didn’t get what you need, Tomorrow, you’ll come back for more

But for now put on the Christmas hats, And fill the trees with bright lights

And soon you can say

Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night

There are folks who still have a lot of shopping to do, even though that may be hard to believe

Good luck because these stores will be closed on Christmas and will have shorter hours for Christmas Eve