Heat wave creates toxic algae levels at Tully Lake

A heat wave has put a popular lake in a tough spot as toxic algae levels leave vacationers disappointed.

High levels of cyanobacteria, also called "blue-green algae," can be found underneath the water's surface,  and warnings are now posted everywhere on the beach to alert visitors.

The news upset many families in the area, like the Demetroulakos family, who made reservations to visit the pond.

"We have this lakefront site, and we were just talking about how tempting it's going to be to just run out and jump in," James Demetroulakos said.

Another woman with her family showed up to the lake, hoping to cool off from the heat wave.

"What if we fall in the water?" the woman said. "Is it going to eat away at your skin? What's going to happen?"

Cyanobacteria is dangerous to humans and pets, and simply being exposed to it can cause symptoms including vomiting, mouth ulcers and even serious liver damage.

Campers say, as upsetting as it is, they're going to stick to dry land.

"I just like the experience here, and I'm looking forward to this trip," Jesse Franks said. "It would have been nice, but part of camping is being able to adapt, so we'll make the best of it."

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The Army Corps of Engineers will be testing water samples every few days, there has to be two weeks of good water samples before they can reopen Tully Lake.

If you believe you've been in contact with contaminated water, immediately rinse yourself off, and call a doctor.