What will commuting look like as Massachusetts fully reopens?

BOSTON — Commuter trains may soon be more crowded, and that goes for buses and subway cars too as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across Massachusetts.

But people who use public transportation will still need to mask up, according to Gov. Charlie Baker. That’s something most riders are used to already.

“I don’t have a problem with it either way. I have to wear a mask every day at work,” said Nancy Higgins from Randolph.

Higgins works at Mass General Hospital where she’s required to wear a mask. As for getting to work, she said taking the Commuter Rail every day has been a breeze.

“There’s so much room. Nobody sits next to each other at all, and you always have your own seat now,” Higgins said.

But not everyone is happy with the requirement to wear masks on public transit.

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“I’m over it. I’m ready to get back to normal, and we need to move forward,” said commuter Josh Fields.

So, you’re thinking to possibly take a rideshare? Great, if you can find one. Raj Jaiswal waited 25 minutes for one to show up at his home.

“Uber and Lyft are insanely hard to find,” said Jaiswal, who is from Boston.

You’ll still need a mask there too.

“It’s going to take some time to get that fear out completely. I feel comfortable wearing a mask, so why not?” Jaiswal said.

In the long run commuters are keeping a positive outlook, saying it took a while to get us to where we are. Getting back to normal will take a bit too.

“Places where it’s crowded and your kind of stuck inside, like on a train car, will probably be one of the last ones to go,” Higgins said.

The MBTA told Boston 25 News that they are monitoring ridership and plan to quickly and safely build back service. They’re already planning for an increase in rapid-transit service this summer. We also reached out to ride share companies to see what their plans are as Massachusetts eases COVID-19 restrictions. They did not immediately reply to our request for comment.

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