Top Boston employment firms say companies are hiring - if you know where to look

BOSTON — With soaring unemployment, it’s not easy to be optimistic about a job hunt right now, but leaders at major Boston-area employment companies tell Boston 25 News, companies are hiring. They suggested leads and where to look.

“The technology is definitely one industry that’s bringing on people when you think about cyber-security and the incredible demand when it relates to working from home,” said Bill Driscoll, Senior District President in Boston for Robert Half Technology. “Obviously shipping companies are very busy right now. Medical companies to some degree, life science companies. Mortgage processors, loan processors, with interest rates being where they are...” Driscoll continued.

“You're seeing CVS, Amazon, Shipt, Instacart - those are the type of companies that are local that are hiring,” said Monster Worldwide CEO Scott Gutz. “I've also seen a lot of jobs being posted in the hardware category as well.”

Figuring out how your skills translate to "essential" fields right now can get you back on the job more quickly, both Gutz and Driscoll said.

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“One of the ones that we’re particularly excited about is working with the senior care association working with the MIT-based COVID alliance,” Gutz said. “Sponsoring something called ‘Home to Help’ and this is really about getting elder care in place, so we just posted jobs for about 1,200 individuals to help the part of our society that’s especially hard hit by COVID-19.”

“Talk about your ability to work remotely,” suggested Driscoll. “Companies are onboarding people remotely right now, which is another whole dynamic.”

Both companies say there are reasons to be hopeful.

“This is not going to last forever. We think there will be some pent up demand. Massachusetts will come back and there will be opportunities for many many people,” Driscoll said.

“I think people need to be patient and a bit optimistic. I’m optimistic! I think we will get through this, jobs will start to come back,” said Gutz. “I think if we all think about that better place, the opportunities for employment will go along with it.”

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