Real estate market is red hot right now

Real estate market is red hot right now

NORWOOD, Mass. — The real estate market is red hot right now. It’s a great time for sellers and a competitive time for buyers.

Kate Doman likes living outside the city more than she thought.

“I like not having a downstairs neighbor or anyone around, you know,”she said.

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She and her husband Shawn just moved to Norwood from the North End.

“I really like it,” she said.

The couple wanted more space partially due to COVID-19. Their realtor says living in the city and not being able to enjoy the nightlife got to them among other things.

“They were living in the North End in a small apt and with both working at home, it got even smaller,” said Jill Reddish of Molisse Realty Group.

For Shawn and Kate the process was relatively smooth.

“I thought it would take a long time,” Kate said.

However, it only took a month. That’s quick by any standard but in today’s fast paced market, buyers must be ready. The couple faced what many buyers today do: low inventory and high prices.

“We did definitely get the impression you had to move fast,” Shawn said. “I think the first time we met our realtor, there were 3 or 4 houses we were going to look at but by the time we got there, they were gone.”

The Domans looked at 10 homes and had to quickly determine if a house in Norwood was the one.

“For this house we had to decide if we should come in right at asking or offer a little bit more,” Shawn said.

And with at least four other interested buyers they made their move.

“We got the tip there were other interested parties so we came in a little over,” he said.

And it worked. They got the house, the yard and Kate says much more.

“We can walk to the town center on Washington Street and the Commuter Rail because eventually I will be going back to work, I suspect,” she said.

Until then, they get a taste of Boston in town and with more space at home to enjoy.

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