Provincetown to certify businesses based on COVID-19 vaccination policies

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. — Businesses in Provincetown can soon receive certification from the Board of Health depending on their COVID-19 vaccination policies.

Town Manager Alex Morse announced the new program on Wednesday afternoon.

There are three certificates:

1. Venue requires all staff to be vaccinated

2. Venue requires proof of vaccination to enter

3. All venue staff are vaccinated, and proof of vaccine is required to enter

“A business can be certified for having 100% of their staff vaccinated, another for requiring their customers be vaccinated, and one that certifies that they are doing both,” read a statement from Morse on Facebook.

Provincetown will be listing these businesses on its website for those interested in seeing who is participating.

“We are exploring other measures the Town can take in the coming days as we prepare for Carnival,” Morse said.

Some businesses in Boston told Boston 25 News they are disappointed by Mayor Kim Janey’s stance on requiring proof of vaccination for indoor businesses.

“It’s getting scary again,” said John Freda, a bartender at Jacques Cabaret. “We don’t want to go back through this. We were closed for 16 months.”

Jacques will be checking for proof of vaccination at the door starting this Friday.

Those who are unvaccinated can still enter but will be required to keep a face covering on throughout the night.

“Most of the people agree but some people feel that you’re violating their rights,” explained Freda. “It’s a tough thing to do. They’re going to be arguing with you no matter what.”

Mayor Janey said Tuesday that Boston will not follow New York City in creating a vaccination passport.

According to Janey, requiring a passport would have a disproportionate impact on poor communities of color.

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