Prom held at Gillette Stadium for local high school seniors

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Prom is back for high school seniors at Whitman Hanson Regional High School.

On Friday night, students filed into Gillette Stadium for a pandemic prom they never thought they’d have.

“I had no clue this was going to happen,” said Bradley Pelissier. “I was very excited when it was though.”

Some students showed up in limos and wearing bedazzled masks.

“It’s exciting because I’m a Junior and my prom was canceled, so it’s good that I can go to his,” said Pelissier’s date, Myah Kamperides.

“It kind of feels really surreal, I didn’t think we were going to be able to do it because this time last year it got canceled, and the fact that we’re having it here, that doesn’t feel real at all,” senior Alyssa Invernizzi told Boston 25 News.

Some students took their prom dresses from last year out of storage, wearing them for the first time.

Joanna Medieros said she kept hers after large gatherings canceled last year’s event.

“I got this dress last year. It’s been sitting in a bag for 2 years, last year, however long that is,” she said. “It’s good that I’m able to get out and go to prom. I’m really happy that we have it.”

According to a school press release, tables inside Gillette were outside and individually capped at 6 people.

The event also proved to be a nice boost for business.

One Hanson tailor shop told Boston 25 News that they’ve been working 10 hour days to keep up with prom dress alterations.

“It’s been amazing, we’ve been working nonstop,” said Estefany Cordova, manager at JC Fast Tailors & Dry Cleaner. “We’ve been working 2-3 hours past our closing time, just trying to keep up with the deadlines. It’s very nice and it’s very exciting to see these girls who, most of them who have never experienced prom before because last year they missed out on their junior prom.”

Last month, the state urged school districts to consider canceling prom due to the pandemic.

Many schools followed that guidance, or opted to host prom in outdoor spaces.

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