Methuen City Hall employee tests positive for COVID-19, mayor says

Methuen City Hall employee tests positive for COVID-19, mayor says

METHUEN, Mass. — An employee at Methuen City Hall has tested positive for COVID-19, prompting the city to test all those who were in contact with that person.

Mayor Neil Perry told Boston 25 News they would not be disclosing the person’s name nor the name of the other employees being tested.

“Out of an abundance of caution, and we didn’t have to, but we tested 25 people just to be on the safe side,” said Perry.

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The Methuen City Council public hearing and their regular 7 p.m. meeting, both scheduled for Monday, Nov. 2, have been postponed and will now be held via a Zoom call on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

“After working on this most of the day we will make sure the city will conduct elections like normal.”

The mayor reiterated city employees are doing their best to keep up with the election schedule and Tuesday’s election will be held like normal.

“We’re all set for tomorrow,” said Perry. “We had an employee test positive for COVID today and we spent the day following our protocol to make sure we are all set tomorrow for the election.”

City hall has been sanitized, according to Felix Zemel, the city’s Inspectional Services Director.

“We followed same protocol we have been following throughout, no special extra precautions taken beyond our standard protocol," said Zemel.

Sources tells Boston 25 that the person who contracted COVID-19 reportedly plays a key role in implementing the elections but Perry says he expects everything to go off as planned.

“The election will run smoothly, so, if you’re coming out to the polls, expect it to be just like it normally is," said Perry.

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