Mayor Walsh warning people about beaches and cookouts before Memorial Day

Mayor Walsh warning people about beaches and cookouts before Memorial Day

BOSTON — Crowds trying to kick off their Memorial Day weekend early spent Thursday running along the Carson Beach harbor, strolling with their kids, and even playing volleyball, despite Mayor Marty Walsh's warnings.

“Cookouts around beaches & parks, I have a lot of concerns,” said Walsh. “We are way too early in this pandemic & all indications say we could be in this pandemic for eight months to a year.”

Mayor Walsh fears packed beaches could mess up reopening plans especially if people there get sick and are not able to go back to work.

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“A study showed roughly 10% of Bostonians have been positive or have the antibody which says over 600,000 Bostonians have not so don’t put yourself in position to become one of the folks I read about every day,” said Walsh.

While mayor Walsh is asking people not to hang out at beaches, some of the people say they are social distancing and will leave if it gets too crowded.

"I would leave," said Antonio Ferraz at Carson Beach. "We will be ok if everybody wears a mask and stay away from each other I think we will be fine."

Massachusetts State Police say they will dedicate additional patrols at state beaches and parks and will be prepared to educate the public on the state’s mask order. But mayor Walsh says at this point, that shouldn’t be necessary.

“Police should be working to keep people safe not working to educate people on something they should already know,” said Walsh.

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