In Lynn, officials are working overtime to make sure citizens are taken care of during COVID-19 pandemic

LYNN, Mass. — Communities in Massachusetts with high populations where residents live in close proximity have been getting hit hard from COVID-19.

In Lynn, city leaders are working overtime to make sure their citizens know they are taken care of. They have been taking even more precautions to make sure people there stay safe.

“We have a very dense community with people living in close proximity to each other, so it’s really important that we all find a way through this together,” said Lynn Mayor Thomas McGee.

McGee said his city is not unlike other neighboring communities that are dealing with high numbers because residents live in close quarters.

“We’re like Chelsea and Revere and Everett in terms of the density,” said McGee.

They have created task forces to navigate these trying times. Lieutenant Paul Ricchi is the emergency management director for the Lynn fire department. He said they are ramping up testing, working to pinpoint those congested areas.

“There’s more cases because we’re doing more testing," said Ricchi. “So, we’re increasing our testing capacity it seems like every week.”

McGee said they have been making sure the most vulnerable population in their community has access to food.

“The Salvation Army is working with the city council directly in getting food out, over 10,000 meals they’ve been able to get out to the community, particularly senior citizens and others than have food insecurity,” said McGee.

McGee said anyone under 18 is able to pick up to-go food 5 days a week at Lynn Classical High School, which provides upwards of 2,000 meals for students. Other pick-up sites include Lynn English High School, Lynn Vocational Technical Institute and Marshall Middle School.

City officials have also made it an order that residents wear face masks in public and inside essential businesses, keeping their essential workers who heavily populate the community in Lynn safe and healthy.

“We have a lot of people that are working in different locations, healthcare workers, CNA’s, so they’re out there and they’re working so it’s important they stay safe,” said McGee.

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