Local tech company marketing camera that can read your temperature

BOSTON — A local tech company created a camera that can tell when you’re sick.

At least, that’s the sales pitch from CreativeStar, a startup incubator in Waltham.

The company’s founder, Christine Lin, believes her Artemis Thermal Scanners can help us co-exist with coronavirus.

“I think psychologically it’s going to benefit our society as well,” Lin said.

As we prepare to reopen the economy, businesses and schools will need to find creative ways to keep people safe, Lin said. Her device has the ability to take the temperatures of as many as ten people at once, in a matter of seconds.

“We have a way to slow down [COVID-19’s] contamination and we have a way to help our society,” Lin said.

Her team demonstrated how the thermal scanners work: a sensor within the camera measures your temperature. If you have a fever, the system will trigger an alert.
Assuming you are sick, the device will prevent you from going any further and spreading the virus in your office or school.

Gabe Jackson, CreateStar’s Marketing Associate, said the thermal technology should scan workers or students as soon as they enter a building.

“Right in the lobby, or receptionist area or if it’s a back entrance where employees check in right before their shift,” Jackson said.

The technology isn’t cheap. The company’s most basic device, the T1 model, retails for almost $13,000.

But Lin and her company believe the Artemis Thermal Scanners will be a valuable tool to get people back to work.

“It really helps build up a front line of defense for these companies to protect their employees and increase the safety for the public as well,” Jackson said.

CreativeStar planned to donate one device to the Chelsea Soldiers Home, where dozens have died from COVID-19.

A Randolph contracting company and a New Jersey hospital are two businesses that recently purchased the Artemis Thermal Scanners.

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