Final plan for upcoming school year still in limbo

Final plan for upcoming school year still in limbo

BOSTON — The final plan for this upcoming school year is still in limbo. Parents won’t find out the school format until weeks before the first day of class.

The three potential scenarios are in person, at home, or a hybrid version.  

A final plan is going to be released next month.

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Governor Charlie Baker says the goal is to open the schools in some capacity.

“The socialization and the developmental issues associated with kids being in school are incredibly powerful and positive and our goal should be to try to figure out how to make that work if we can,” said Baker.

Baker says there are several balls up in the air, including the current state budget and what the state can count on from the next round of federal COVID relief, which would likely include money for schools.

“We are hoping those issues will be resolved sometime in the next couple of weeks and then people can take the guidance and data and information and understand what the resources are going to be and see about supporting a safe reopening of schools,” said Baker.

He also told us the day care capacity is almost coming back. There were 8,200 day cares before the pandemic. Right now, 6,300 are back online.  

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