Everett parks will shut down Thursday morning as city works to stop COVID-19 spread

Everett City parks will shut down due to COVID-19 concerns

EVERETT, Mass. — Everett officials tell Boston 25 they are not taking any chances, and starting on Thursday morning, all parks in the city will be shut down until further notice.

There are currently three patients in the ICU and 10 COVID-19 positive case at the city’s main hospital.

“The gym that I work at full time had shut down, basically hustling ever since,” said Sam Amado, a personal trainer and owner of Weight better U in Everett.

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Amado is teaching classes at a local park outdoors, and that’s how he is making his money. He is one of many people in Everett who lost their job because of the pandemic.

His side hustle involves teaching outdoor classes, but starting on Thursday morning, he won’t be allowed to teach in any of the parks in Everett.

“We find large gatherings there, it’s until further notice, until the data goes down, until the number get lower,” said Deanna Deveney, the communications director in Everett.

The infection rate in Everett is considered one of the highest in the state, along with nearby Lynn, Revere and Chelsea.

Over the weekend in Everett, officials say there were 19 new cases reported.

Some children even tested positive for the virus, where some were as young as 11 years old.

“That was an issue in regards to parks,” said Sabrina Firicano, the Director of Health and Human services.

These cities are filled with immigrant workers who don’t have a choice but to live in tight spaces, with multigenerational family members.

“We have a lot of apartment living, so it creates a closer quarter of living, children living with their parents, grandparents, to get that community feel,” said Firicano.

“There are signs posted everywhere, people need to take responsibility for themselves, and keeping one another safe,” said Amado.

City officials say they have been doing a lot of contact tracing and they’re trying to figure out where the virus is coming from. We asked if there was a specific cluster at a home or dining facility but they haven’t been able to pin point where the virus is coming from.

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