Despite the pandemic, beaches and lakes in Mass. were crowded during the heat wave

Despite the pandemic, beaches and lakes in Mass. were crowded during the heat wave

BOSTON — Many are facing the challenge of staying cool in this heat wave while also avoiding crowds during this pandemic.

“We’re doing pretty good cooling off down here that’s for sure I don’t think we can sit in the house another second,” said Lenny Ball at a lake in Bellingham.

Trying to find a sense of normalcy during this pandemic meant many people were out enjoying the sun Monday.

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The biggest challenge wasn’t just staying hydrated, but also avoiding COVID-19.

“During the pandemic it’s kind of hard to find things to do that are safe,” said Iman Bouzahou. “But I think this is a good place because not many people come here and there’s a way to seclude yourself and enjoy the weather.”

The Bouzahou family chose to drive about an hour away from their home in Revere to a lake in Bellingham to avoid the crowds.

“Well considering that Revere Beach is crowded even during mild, warm weather, we thought it was best to go farther away to a lake that not a lot of people go to,” said Bouzahou.

Lots of people drove west to swim in the quieter suburban lakes rather than the popular beaches Monday.

“People just disregard all social distancing and some people wear masks, some don’t so you just have to pick and choose your battles here,” said Bouzahou.

But staying home also wasn’t an option for many who couldn’t wait to get out of the house after a few months in quarantine.

“Just feel like getting out and enjoying the weather and seeing people and having a life again,” said Ball.

Ball was one of many who found relief from the heat in the shade while enjoying the lake in Bellingham, but he made sure to keep a safe distance from others.

“We have to follow all the rules like we’re supposed to and hopefully we’ll all stay healthy,” said Ball.

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