COVID-19 pandemic driving up boat sales this summer

COVID-19 pandemic driving up boat sales this summer

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — The pandemic is impacting boat sales.

Boat brokers say they are seeing a spike in sales as people try to find new hobbies since traveling this summer is more complicated.

Even on a dismal day going into the Fourth of July weekend, beaches were packed and people were on the water.

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Marshfield police Harbormaster Mike DiMeo says they are seeing plenty of new boats on the water and with the RMV still playing catch up from the pandemic closure, many are unregistered.

The boat registration number, found on the hull starting with MS, is vital if something goes wrong.

“We can get the owner, address, phone number, everything, it’s not different than a car plate,” said DiMeo. “Also too if they are calling in distress with a boat name on it it is easier to find them versus a random boat with no markings on it.”

Harbormasters are also urging all boat owners and their crews to take boat safety classes.

“You can’t have one professional on the boat” said DiMeo. “And your crew not having a clue what is going on out there in case they do get in trouble. The boat safety classes also go over what these signs mean and what the rules of the road are.”

While on board covering this story, DiMeo spotted a boat having problems. He yelled to the boaters, “You guys alright?”

The boat captain told DiMeo he was having engine problems and was losing control of his 40-foot boat in the wind. After several attempts to help guide the boat in, DiMeo made the decision to tie up along side and tow him in.

The harsh wind made it more challenging but the rescue was made. DiMeo says this is a perfect example of why boaters need to always stay educated even after they become more experienced.

“It’s a basic class but even if you learn one thing, it may save your life,” said DiMeo.

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