Bus companies limiting service to New York amid coronavirus outbreak

New York is considered a hot spot for coronavirus with 3,800 people already hospitalized with COVID-19.

BOSTON — New York is considered a hot spot for coronavirus with 3,800 people already hospitalized with COVID-19. Those leaving the Metro area are being asked to self-quarantine for 14 days, including people in Massachusetts who have been to New York lately.

The South Station bus terminal has been much quieter than you’re used to. The Peter Pan Bus Line is temporarily cutting back on service to New York and other east coast cities.

“We’ve providing essential service for people who need it, there’s nobody really traveling who wants to,” said Peter Picknelly, CEO of Peter Pan Bus Line.

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Picknelly told Boston 25 News his business has been taking a hit for weeks and given the latest travel concerns from New York, they had to make a tough call.

“It was a very difficult decision, it was a tough decision. It was a hard decision to make, many people depend on our service in many of the communities we serve we’re the only form of transportation, you know, to the rest of the world," said Picknelly.

Peter Pan has gone from carrying 10,000 people per day to hundreds from Albany to Washington D.C., losing 94% of their business compared to a year ago, due to coronavirus.

“We’re getting slaughtered, the few buses that we’re running, again we’re getting slaughtered. We kinda feel like we’re doing our part during this very difficult time for people that are essential and need to travel,” said Picknelly.

As for those who are riding the buses, steps have been taken to ensure safety.

“Every bus before it reloads passengers is being specially cleaned, so that’s happening. There’s hand sanitizers in the vehicles, we’ve got Clorox wipes and things like that. We’re special cleaning the driver compartments, and we’re having passengers not sit together,” he said.

Amtrak suspended all Acela service to New York City and cut back on daily rides to New York.

Greyhound told Boston 25 News it has cut back and canceled some routes, “Like all transportation providers, Greyhound has been deeply impacted by the effects of COVID-19 on the travel industry. We have reduced frequency of service and canceled some routes based on a significant reduction in demand for travel and temporary safety measures put in place by the government. As an essential service provider, it is our hope that the country recovers quickly as we remain committed to connecting people to their destinations in a safe manner.

Here is a list of schedule and service changes that is constantly being updated on our website... you can see that Boston Airport is impacted."