Boston Vaccine verification preview

BOSTON — Boston will begin requiring proof of vaccination to get into restaurants, gyms, and some other types of businesses.  On Saturday the city will require proof of at least one dose.

Next month on February 15th you will have to verify you got both doses. The booster has not been added to the requirement at this time.

The Smoke Shop BBQ has locations in Boston, Somerville and Cambridge. To get in their Boston location--- beginning January 15th you will need to prove you got at least one dose of the Covid vaccine. Owner Andy Husbands says they are working on complying with the new rule.

“Obviously we are going to go by the plan and if they want us to check on people’s vaccination cards then we will do as we are asked,” said Husbands.

The Massachusetts Restaurant Association told us they are worried this will just add another hurdle for restaurants in Boston as they try to keep their doors open in the pandemic.  

“We are moving, bobbing and weaving and following the rules we are following today and whatever they are tomorrow while still trying to maintain the best hospitality and BBQ in Boston,” said Husbands.

Fitness Studios like Row House on Love Joy Wharf in Boston have already started confirming vaccinations. Owner Gyee O’Malley explains how they do it. 

“When they walk in through the door, we will just ask for the proof and check it once, make it yes or no and we are done,” said O’Malley.  Row House created a database so once clients are verified -- they are all set moving forward. “That system to quickly go through that and just tag that once and have it saved,” said O’Malley.

Boston says the city’s goal is to protect customers and workers. They do plan to check for compliance when it takes effect on January 15th. The city has been holding webinars to help businesses implant vaccine verification. The Mayor’s office says nearly 800 people have participated. One potential concern is pushback. 

“We are hoping not to cross that path of people not showing their cards and will deal with as we need to,” said Husbands. “We all know this is, this is going to help in the long run,” said O’Malley. “Keeping people safe has been on our, on our radar forever,” said Husbands.