Boston Public Schools detail their plans for upcoming hybrid school year

Boston Public Schools detail their plans for upcoming hybrid school year

BOSTON — Boston Public Schools gave tours to show how they plan to handle the pandemic this coming school year. All learning will begin on September 21 remotely and then transition to hybrid by Thanksgiving.

Classrooms have all been reorganized to space students out.

When fully hybrid, Cohort A will go to school in person on Monday and Tuesday and be remote for the rest of the week. Cohort B will be opposite, with in-person on Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday and Saturday, custodians will thoroughly clean the buildings with a fogging electrostatic machine.

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A wide-angle camera will allow teachers to interact with the class and still be visible to students at home.

“It’s 120 degrees, it also zooms in and follows the teacher as they move around. It uses audio cues; even with the mask, it will follow the teacher through the classroom,” said Chief Information Officer Mark Racine.

Every bathroom and available sink has been repaired.

“Paper towels are right here so plenty of opportunities for kids to wash their hands and practice safe hygiene,” said Chief of Operations Sam DePina.

Some of the older buildings will rely on open windows. The superintendent told Boston 25 News that, when it starts to get colder, they will just turn up the heat.

“These buildings were designed for the windows to be the air circulation system for the building, and what we are trying to do is maximize the increased airflow by utilizing the windows and making sure they are operable,” DePina said.

The school superintendent, Dr. Brenda Cassellius, said they have been working on ways to make sure students feel safe as they head back.

“Many will have morning meeting, which they typical have already,” she said. “They are going to be doing virtual open houses with families. I know a lot of them. I heard principals say they are going out to parks to welcome them back.”

There is also a room designated for any student who shows clear symptoms of the virus while in school. They’ll be able to be isolated until their parent can pick them up.

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