Health officials: Case of measles identified in New Hampshire child

Measles identified in New Hampshire child

KEENE, N.H. — Public health officials say a child has been diagnosed with measles in Keene, N.H.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the source of the infection is still under investigation.

"I think it's definitely a little scary when you think about measles," said Amber Sanderson of Keene, N.H. "It's not something we are used to hearing, it hasn't been around for a long time and you hear it and you get scared. You're terrified for the safety of your family and your young child."

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The child was diagnosed at the Cheshire Medical Center walk-in on Thursday. Health officials have now determined the public places where that child was earlier and the day and week where others may have been impacted.

• The nursery (9am – 1pm) and coffee hour (11am – 2pm) at the United Church of Christ at 23 Central Square in Keene on Sunday May 12th
• The infant/toddler room at the Keene Montessori School on 125 Railroad Street from 9am – 3pm on Thursday May 16th
• The Walk-in Clinic at Cheshire Medical Center at 149 Emerald Street in Keene from 1pm – 5pm on Thursday May 16th

Anyone who was at the above locations during the specified dates and times should urgently review their measles vaccination or immunity status. Measles is very contagious and is spread through the air, where it can remain for up to two hours.

"I don't want anything to happen to my daughter or any other kids, so when something happens to a kid, it's terrifying," said Mike Sanderson.

"You worry about your child being exposed to many things, and daycare is very hands-on," Amber Sanderson added. "You expect the common cold, little things here and there - like your child is going to get sick - but I don’t think anyone expects a potentially life-threatening disease, that's scary."

New Hampshire's state epidemiologist says vaccines can prevent infection even after exposure.

People who are not vaccinated or immune, or have questions about their immunization status, are encouraged to contact DPHS as soon as possible at 603-271-9461 or toll-free for NH residents at 1-800-852-3345 ext. 9461.

Additional information is available on the DPH website.