Hazmat incident at Woburn Red Robin sends 3 employees to the hospital

Three people hospitalized following chemical incident at Woburn Red Robin

WOBURN, Mass. — Three people were hospitalized after a hazmat incident at a Woburn Red Robin, the town's police chief confirmed to Boston 25 News. All of the victims are employees of the restaurant.

The incident occurred when someone in the restaurant mixed together cleaning chemicals, causing the establishment to be evacuated. Three people were decontaminated outside the Red Robin before being transported Lahey Clinic.

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Emergency response crews remain at the scene on Washington Street in the town.

This incident comes nearly two weeks after a chemical incident at a Burlington Buffalo Wild Wings killed one employee and sent 10 others to the hospital.

A spokesperson for Red Robin issued the following statement regarding the incident:

"At approximately 4:30pm local time on Tuesday, November 19, an apparent chemical reaction involving cleaning materials occurred in the Red Robin restaurant in Woburn, Mass. Immediately after the reaction occurred, the restaurant's manager on duty evacuated all Team Members and Guests from the restaurant and called 911. (There were 8 Team Members working at the restaurant at the time of the incident, including 2 managers.)
First responders arrived at the restaurant to investigate the incident and check the wellbeing of Team Members and others who might have been in the restaurant at the time of the incident. Local health department representatives also arrived at the restaurant to work with the management team as the incident is being investigated.
Because the cause of the incident is still being investigated, we are deferring to first responders for any further details on the potential cause of the chemical reaction and the status of Team Members and others who were in the restaurant at the time of the incident. While the incident is being investigated, the restaurant is closed until further notice and will reopen only after clearance is obtained from the health department and other appropriate authorities."
Editor's note: A previous version of this story stated six people were hospitalized. A later update to Boston 25 News confirmed that three people were hospitalized