• Caught on camera: Haverhill man's Trump signs stolen, vandalized

    By: Christine McCarthy


    HAVERHILL, Mass. - A Haverhill man says his Donald Trump campaign sings have been continually vandalized and stolen since last winter. 

    But he says he's caught several of them, including one last Tuesday, on surveillance camera. 

    On Tuesday night, the video shows a male jumping over Richard Early's wall, walking through his front yard and approaching a huge Trump sign with a can of spray paint in his hand. Early later discovered the word, "never" spray-painted over "Trump," as well as eggs smashed on his house, as reported on FOX25 News at 10.

    "I can see people driving by swearing, because I get that all the time," Early told FOX25, "but when they start coming on private property, it's different. It's not the way to do things."

    Early plans to bring the video to Haverhill police, a task he is now accustomed to. Last month, Early's cameras captured a woman tearing nine small Trump signs from his lawn and hurling them into the busy street as drivers stopped and watched.

    In another incident caught on video, two people snatched eight small signs before running away.

    Haverhill police told FOX25 a few people have been arrested for crimes on Early's property over the last few months. On Saturday, a Haverhill woman was arrested for disorderly conduct after Early says she stole several signs and defended herself when he confronted her.

    "The girl is out front pulling out all my signs, says she's taking them," Early said. "I ask her what she's doing. She says she's taking them, she's part of the movement."

    But Early does have support. For every person who damages or steals his property, he has many more beeping and chanting support for Trump as they drive by his home.

    "It's private property. It's free speech," Early said. "I just don't want Hillary in, that's all."

    Early says he will continue to replace the signs until the election is over.

    "We're not going to take them down," Early said. "The signs are staying up. They're not leaving."

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