• Haverhill girl says man broke into her room, covered her mouth, threatened her

    By: Chris Flanagan


    HAVERHILL, Mass. - A Haverhill family is warning others after an intruder broke into their child's bedroom while they were asleep. 

    Early Sunday, around 4 a.m., an 8-year-old Haverhill girl says she was jolted from her sleep by a man breaking into her bedroom through an unlocked window. The second-grader spoke with Boston 25 News with her mother's permission.

    "I saw him right in the window," Ayla Cedeno told us. "I was trying to call my mom he put his hand over my mouth."

    Ayla's mother Joyce says she wishes their dog spent the night in her daughter's room that night like she does most nights. 

    "She usually does sleep with her because she's very protective, she's a rescue and she has always slept on top of my daughter, kind of like a guardian type of thing so I know if someone came in, especially through the window, my dog would've scared them," said Joyce Cedeno. 

    Ayla says she didn't get a good description because the man had a bandana over his face, but she says he terrorized her. 

    "He literally ran when I called for my mom and he threatened me that he was going to kill me," she said.

    Ayla's mother said there is surveillance video, but police are not releasing it at this point, although they have released still images.

    Police say the investigation is ongoing and there are no charges at this time. 

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