Hanover firefighter seriously injured in weekend accident at home

Hanover firefighter seriously injured in weekend accident at home

HANOVER, Mass. — Firefighters in Hanover are devastated after one of their own was left in critical condition following a weekend accident at his home.

"It's been a tough week around here, guys are rallying," Hanover Fire Captain Justin Reed said. "To see him in that condition, it's heartbreaking. Brand new career. It's going to tug on your heart strings for sure, you know."

Greg Hawes was doing yard work over the weekend when he fell off a ladder and was seriously injured. His colleagues say a Hanover ambulance carried Hawes to the hospital, where he is now in critical condition on a ventilator.

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"It's been very hard on the guys," Chief Jay Cavallaro said. "It's hard enough that it happened and happened to one of our own. But it brings it to another level when it's your guys going to the accident and treating him."

The fire department is called to accidents all the time, but the calls rarely bring them face-to-face with a horrific accident involving one of their own.




"They get the call, they knew he'd just left his shift that morning at 8 a.m. and it was shortly after that they get the call," Cavallaro explained. "They knew he was doing some work at his house."

The fire department and the whole Hanover community are doing what they can to support Hawes and his family.

"He's got a way with patients that a lot of people who turn to sandpaper, the hours get to you after a while, but Greg always had a very tactful and pleasant way about him," fellow firefighter Chris Azizian said. "That's treatment you can't pull out of a box.

The Hanover Fire Department is holding its annual fundraiser Saturday. All proceeds will go to Greg Hawes and his family to help with medical bills.  The fundraiser will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Sylvester Field.